26 September 2011

Should I keep this blog alive?

Actually, the more appropriate question would be, "Should I resureect this blog?" The last post was way back in 2008. I also created another blog in Tumblr, but that hasn't been updated too. I feel that I need to start blogging again in order to clear my thoughts and to finally have a purpose in life. Not that my purpose in life is to blog, but what I'm saying is, writing has always been a part of my life, and it would be a shame if I don't tap into it. I know I'm not making much sense to you guys now, but the important thing is I am making sense to myself. Hahaha! Anyway, I need to start doing the simple things that I enjoy - blogging, praying, walking, exercising. I'm not getting any younger, and I just need to follow the seven habits. Particularyl, putting first things first and beginning with the end in mind. I'm thinking of doing a charity intstitution visit for my 30th birthday. I'm thinking between Elsie Gaches, the government institution for children with special needs (e.g. autism, cerebral palsy, etc.), Virlanie Foundation in Makati (where my team had its outreach program last February), or Haven for Children in Alabang (center for street children). But of course, I need to make a few calls and get the ball rolling, so to speak. What else? Well, there's the upcoming Paul van Dyk event, Cream Halloween Ball event, Pelicula Spanish Film Festival, and of course, Wicked!!! I am blessed. Life is good.

01 December 2008

addicted to mobile internet

after three years of sticking with my old phone, i decided to get a new one. finally! i owe it to myself, the navi key of my old phone is pretty screwed up already anyway. imagine, the down function won't work. i already had a workaround system in place. but the bottom line is, i didn't have to. so I got myself a new phone.

so, after hours of googling all mobile phones, i have decided to purchase a samsung. my sister has a samsung, and she has been raving about how nice it is and all. so i took her advice and purchased one for myself. i had a different unit in mind, though. i wanted a phone that a.) has a nice camera, b.) has a pretty decent music player, c.) has a large memory, or at least one that is expandable, and d.) has internet connection via wifi, gprs,hsdpa.

i was thinking of purchasing the pda phone of samsung, but i realized i may not be able to utilise the pda functions of the phone, so that would be a waste. i finally decided on the samsung sgh-g810, which, as it turns out, is samsung's phone to compete against the nokia n95. not bad, eh? both have the symbian OS, have a 5MP camera, are slider phones and are of the same height. the samsung, however, is sleeker, albeit a bit on the thicker side.

what i found truly amazing (and addicting), is the fact that i could go online practically anytime, as long as i got a clear 3G signal or if there's wifi available. and that's now the main purpose of my phone. i mean, yes i still use it for texts and calls, of course. but given the fact that i got another mobile number with cheaper rates, i tend to just use it for the internet.

not that i'm complaining, mind you.

11 August 2008

gk 08.08.08

godskitchen. my 2nd anniversary. the perfect time to celebrate.

and celebrate we did.

some photographer took our picture during the event, and less than a month later, that photo appeared in an events calendar/magazine. amazing! of course i have a copy. for posterity, you know. maybe 10,15 years from now i shall look at it and smile at all the good times.

good vibes? hell yeah. thanks of course to claire. and bill, it was his first time to attend such an event. i hope he had a great time too.

i cant wait for chicane!

post: this post was super delayed, i dont even know what to put in here anymore.

31 July 2008

it's that time of the month

no, i dont get periods. hahaha! what i meant was, it's the last day of the month. therefore, catching up would be the theme for today. deliverables, feedback sessions, extra-curricular activities are some of the things i need to accomplish today. yes, i know - a lot. and yet, why am i writing this entry instead of getting my ass to start working? beats me. i figured i would thrive under pressure later during the day. either that, or i am one helluva procrastinator. my bet is the latter.

technically, this would be my first day of the week in terms of real work. went on a tour (yes, as in field trip) on monday, then tues-wed i attended a training. so how's my "monday" so far? aside from the fact that there's zero visibility due to the rain (is there even a storm? i'm totally clueless), it's been great so far. bumped into the auditors earlier at the comfort room. for a moment there i thought they would start questioning me and stuff. things have been pretty tense here at work coz of the internal auditing going on. i dunno until how long will they be here. hopefully by next week they won't be around anymore.

if the rains abate later, it's gonna be party time! havent gone out with my work friends for almost a month now. it's time to catch up with our drinking, too. hehehe.

19 July 2008

they should've named it "The Joker"

all these summer movies (it is summer in the states, after all) are giving me a celluloid kind of high. considering i have missed my chance of watching some good ones (get smart, for one), the recent ones i did get a chance to see are amazing. mamma mia, of course, is one of my favorites. but this latest one is so amazing, i have already seen it TWICE. one day after the other. you read right = twice. clearly, the dark knight is one of the best superhero movies ever made.

all that buzz about heath ledger getting a posthumous oscar has merit after all. he was that good. dont get me wrong, jack nicholson is a super talented actor. he did justice with his joker. but with heath? his joker is so twisted, so demented, you would think that he was born to do this role, and ONLY this role.

fast forward to february 2010: yes, heath won the Oscar posthumously. hahahaha!
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